Nov 30

The second route to Europe





Migrants  are letting their Countries mainly because of the war and spend months traveling through different countries, passing many borders.

Our journey begins in Macedonia, just after the Greek border, in the middle ground between the border and the train station of Gevgeljia where migrants wait , controlled by the Macedonian police . Periodically soem groups are let to reach the trains on which they will embark to go to Serbia . A steady stream of adults , families , children, babies . The authorities speak of 500,000 passages from January to June 2015 and an expectation over the next year to two million migrants ...

An incredible number of migrants crowding along the rails of the train ; Red Cross volunteers and various other organizations provide food, water and medical advice but  at the same time other people are trying to sell cigarettes or other beverages at a very high price

At the end the train leaves and migrants can go until the Northern Macedonian border and pass to Serbia: another Country is passed.

Here they will take taxis (if they still have money) or buses or will walk again along the highway or the rails.. arriving in Belgrade they will stay in the gardens close to the bus station and will move to Subotica by bus... Then the Hungarian border, expected by the new wall... 


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