Born in Turin on February 2, 1956. After his classical high school diploma, he obtained a master in Nuclear Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. He began to photograph in 1983 and over the following years he attended internships with Franco Fontana, Klaus Zaugg, Frederic Brenner, Mario De Biasi and others. Since 1997 he has published various books alone or with other photographers such as "La Manifattura Tabacchi di Torino" for the Province of Turin, "Le cattedrali del lavoro" on behalf of the Allemandi publisher, edited by the Italian Foundation for Photography, "The Everland "for Ed.Morra,"Shopping, a new millennium adventure"on behalf of the Carrefour / GS Group,"A tutto campo", published by Loescher Editrice, and services for various language manuals for the Loescher and DeAgostiniScuola and for the book "Europa Tomorrow" ed.Jouvence, in 2014 «Istanbul» for Arca Edizioni and in 2021 «Detroit in my life» with Iger & Partners. His photographs have been kept at the Italian Foundation for Photography of Turin and now the GAM Turin. He has held lessons in visual art at schools near Turin, at the Italian Foundation for Photography, and for the non-profit Unponteper Association, and has been an expert at the Turin Court for photographic disputes. He has exhibited in various places, since 1987 participating in the Turin International Biennial of Photography in the Young Authors section, at the Palais de l'Unesco in Paris, remembering among others the Maison d'Italie in Paris, some art galleries in Turin and Milan, the Italian Foundation for Photography, the University of Lausanne, Celle Ligure, Senigallia, Parma for a Telecom project, various bookstores in Italy including the Manifesto bookshop in Rome and Feltrinelli in Milan, in Milan for the Nava Foundation for International World Day on the Rights of the Child, in 2009 at the Venice Biennale in the Kurdistan pavilion, then in the following years again in Paris, at Galérie Levy, and in Turin in various exhibitions. Some of his photos are currently at the Cristiani gallery in Turin and at the Art Research Gallery in Paris. Associate of the Tau Visual Association of Italian Professional Photographers, he collaborated for years with the Grazia Neri Agency and then with Farabola. He is currently part of the BuenaVista Photo Group of Italian photojournalists and collaborates with the Bridgeman Agency. He was co-founder of the Italian photojournalism magazine ilReportage, of which he was the photoeditor for several years. He mainly deals with photojournalism and social and travel reportage. Lives and works between Paris and Turin.