Patra : Italy inshAllah

Tunisian:Libian refugees camps

Tunisian riots

West: miners in Italy

The invisibles, homeless places in Paris

South of the world: Mexico-USA border

South of the world:Mexique-US border, Sonora desert

Souths of the world: Mongolia Gobi desert

SOuth: Mexican migrants in Tucson

South of the world: gipsy in Turin

the South of the world: malaria

the Souths of the world : barrios of Bogota

South of the world: Turkish Kurdistan

South: cockfighting in Colombia


Postcards from where...

West: Detroit town without footprints

West: Istanbul

West: Enclaves serbe in Kosovo

West: Long Kesh - Maze Prison

West: Pristina

West: Serbian elections

West: Olivetti a lost chance

West: troubles

West: the first hallal restaurant in Paris

West: the caviarproduction

West: France pigeons

West: kosovarian portraits

South: disappeared kurdish